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An in-depth study of health ailments due to asbestos

Majority of the ailments caused due to exposure to asbestos is on the lungs and abdomen. Asbestosis is an ailment in which scab tissues are formed in the lungs. These tissues make it difficult to breath. The initial symptom that a patient develops is shortness of breath. The diagnosis of the ailment is done by x-ray or physical examination of the patient by a physician. People suffering from the disease develop other symptoms like cough, chest pain, bluish skin color due low oxygen supply etc. Diagnosing the disease during its earlier stages is difficult since it doesn’t show any symptoms. Lung cancer is another infection that is caused to over exposure. The diagnosis is done in the advanced stage since they resemble several other minor ailments. One of the rare diseases found in people working in asbestos mines is mesothelioma. These are formed on the lining of organs like heart, abdomen and lungs. Patients suffering from this illness experience dry cough, shoulder pan, weight loss etc. The survival rate of people with mesothelioma depends on the rate of their exposure. There are several non-cancerous abnormalities that can occur due to exposure to these mining deposits. People working in these mines have a lower immune system that increases the risk of their contracting diseases.

Claiming process for these diseases

Claiming compensation for issues related to mining exposure is different from the normal accident claims. The time frame for the claims to be made would be different from the normal process. KRW Accident Attorneys are the right professionals to guide people diagnosed with asbestos related ailments. The amount of claim received by the person would depend on the severity of their disease. Majority of the cases that are related with the mining exposure claims are settled out of court. The KRW Accident Attorneys would advise their clients the options that are available to make the claim. It is important to hire lawyers for filing these cases since that would increase the changes of receiving compensation. The lawyers would be qualified and trained in understanding the condition of their clients due to earlier experience with similar situations. The required documentation and lawsuit is filed based on the claim.

Everything You Need To Know When Planning a Retreat in Ubud

Congratulations! You have finally decided to give yourself a break and embark on a retreat in Ubud.

You’ve read about it online and you keep hearing it from your friends who have done it – retreat has so many benefits that you just couldn’t ignore. You need it to be away from it all, and to fill up everything that’s been drained away.

To help plan your vacation, below is a list of everything you need to know when planning a retreat in Ubud.

How to get there?

Ubud is a town located at the heart of Bali. To reach it, catch a plane ride heading to Denpasar Bali Airport, also known as NgurahRai International. From the airport, you can choose to rent a private car or commute via bus to Ubud. Travel time from the airport to Ubud is just one hour, and the cost is approximately IDR 300,000 or USD 30.

For your visa, Indonesia has a visa-upon-arrival systemfor travelers from Australia, Canada, United States, and Europe. The cost for it is about IDR 320,000 or USD 32.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of accommodation options in Ubud so you need not to worry about where to stay. Of course, it will still be best if you book in advance so you are a hundred percent sure that you can comfortably rest upon arrival. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from luxury villas, bed and breakfast, family temples, backpacker’s rooms, and local hotels. Check out the list below for some suggestions:

FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa  – if you are looking for a place where you can have your own villa with a plunge pool and a massage gazebo, look no further thanFuramaXclusive Villas & Spa. This place offers great accommodation and retreat services that are second to none. You’ll find this place located amidst the beautiful rice paddies in BanjarBindu. Price per night starts at IDR 2,300,000 or USD 176.

Tegal Sari–want to be just minutes from everything that makes Ubud worth visiting? Head over to Tegal Sari. Set in Padang TegalUbud, Tegal Sarioffers an affordable place to help you reach your retreat goals. It is one of the most recommended budget places in TripAdvisor. They receive awesome reviews for their outstanding services, quaint ambiance, and value for money. Their rate per night is only IDR 330,000 or USD 25.

Where to find retreat places?

Ubud is highly regarded as an excellent location for yoga or wellness retreat. It will not disappoint those who seek a place where they can spend time in deep reflection and silence. Listed below are retreat centres known for delivering top quality services in Ubud:

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn is the biggest yoga studio you will find in Ubud. They offer a wide selection of classes at different times. Whether you are interested in meditation, sound therapy, yoga asana, detox retreat, or pranayama, this place has got you covered. After your class, you can head over to their café to mingle with other yogis. Price per class starts at IDR 110,000 or USD 9. If you’re planning to stay for a month, you can avail their 30-day unlimited class card for IDR 2,600,00 or USD 198. The Yoga Barn is located at the heart of Ubud, and is only minutes from Monkey Forest Temple, the village of Peliatan, and other tourist spots.

Radiantly Alive

Another popular wellness studio in Ubud is Radiantly Alive. It is located in the North East end of the central Ubud. They have more than 40 yoga and movement classes per week to accommodate every type of practitioner. Radiantly Alive also offers training sessions for those who are interested to teach yoga. Their drop in classes cost IDR 140,000 or USD 12, while their one-month unlimited pass cost IDR 1,500,000 or USD 123.

Where to eat?

Most yoga retreat centers in Ubudalready offer a daily menu so you don’t have to go far to look for delicious and healthy dishes.But if you want to check out look for other food options in town, worry not as this place is a health food mecca. Below are some of the must-see restaurants in Ubud:

Down to Earth

Located in JalanGuatama Selatan, this vegetarian restaurant is known for their delicious organic dishes that are beautifully presented. They only use organic ingredients and local supplies to help support the local community. Price per meal starts atIDR 52,000 or USD4.


Set in JalanPenestananKlod, Alchemy is known as the first raw vegan café, and juice bar in Ubud. Many locals and tourists frequent this place for their organic meals, breakfast buffet, raw chocolate, and beautiful garden setting. The price rangestarts from IDR 915,000 or USD 7.

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