A summer full of surprises

Grab hold of the upcoming summer tightly. A summer with lots of energy and surprises is on its way. Over the last few years, Sol Hotels has been one of the Melià chains that has seen different, fresh and stylish tourism, without having to leave the seafront; in order to provide months of sun, smiles, music and luxury spaces. The outcome? The hotels are completely renovated and boast impressive design and location with prices for almost all budgets.

Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, Bali, Jandia Beach, Croatia, Cuba, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Benidorm, Bulgaria and Morocco… In all these destinations you will discover many summer features offered by Sol Hotels. Some include family holidays, others are places to enjoy adventure with friends, others purely for partying, relaxing and music…

The specialisation of these hotels has lead them to diversify a lot and create, for every hotel, a unique concept with small details that change every year. The clear objective is to surprise and create loyalty, making sure guests come back because of the care they have received and the promise to never falter in quality and guarantee something different in all the holidays they offer.


Original accommodation, with cutting edge facilities adapted to the most specific needs of guests.

The image of these renovated hotels is one of the clearest values implemented. Sol Hotels, in fact, is the current example within the tourism industry with mature and traditional family hotels restructured in iconic places where everyone in the world wants to visit and be a part of.

Soft lines, warm colours and modern & original stamps. Spaces to inspire with cutting edge facilities adapted to guests’ most specific requirements. A group of professionals are there to make sure that all those who visit these hotels (whether or not they book a stay) leave with the best memories. All this is combined in such a way that all the critics on the internet have many positive things to say: “friendly and incredible”, “a very recommendable adults only hotel”, “from Majorca to heaven”, “stunning views of Ibiza”, “disconnect, relax and recharge your batteries”, the “perfect hotel”.

The truth is that the design of this line of hotels, that, before, was exclusively designed for families, fulfills the dreams of any visitor. All you have to do is dream and search on the website what kind of holiday is nearest to what you imagine.

Pure adventure

The best example of adventure hotels is the new Sol Katmandu Park, a hotel that is also a theme park designed especially for the little ones and parents that can enjoy multiple services to help treat themselves to a relaxing stay on the seafront. It is one of the most famous hotels in Majorca, recently renovated with every year bringing new proposals of leisure, shows and entertainment in general. It is located only a few metres away from the large Magaluf beach, in a tranquil zone, far from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife.

Style and passion

And complete freedom. This is the definition given at Sol Beach House, designed for travellers seeking style, comfort and being surrounded by the latest in holiday trends. As for destinations, you can choose between trendy places like Bali, Minorca, Ibiza, Majorca and Vietnam. Exclusive, sophisticated but, at the same time, relaxed and natural. These hotels are perfect for surprising your partner or treating yourself to an escape with friends that you will never forget.

Feel the vibrations…

— with the best sounds and parties of the summer. Sol House are hotels within the Sol Hotels chain for young, rebellious and creative adults. Here, music is played throughout the entire holiday, with the best of worldwide recognised music, with international DJ guests and themed celebrations in the pool. The originality and vitality found in all these hotels is a promise of non-stop fun. Not appropriate for those with heart problems or young people with old souls: you need to be in shape to be able to do everything and not hold back. For, if you try it, you will for sure end up doing it again.

Sol Hotels owns its own website from which it has established an identity in its mark and shows every single one of the details that makes it different from other establishments around the world: Sol House, Sol Beach House, Sol Katmandu Park and Sol Hotels. Bookings can be made on the official website of Melià Hotels & Resorts, home of Sol Hotels, and this will allow you to take advantage of better, more reasonable prices, even with more exclusive hotels. Whether or not you like or dislike the hotel, what we can guarantee is that the quality to price ratio can not be beaten by any third parties.

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