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Japanese Translation Company: Why integrated marketing translation solutions may be right for your requirements

You’re probably wondering what, exactly, is integrated marketing translation solutions


The broad range of Japanese language skill sets across multiple disciplines brought to bear on your marketing projects by native English Japanese translation professionals creating the right solutions to get your company noticed in the local Japanese market.

So, what does that mean for your projects?

Well, let’s say you have an English Japanese translation project, such as website you want to translate to reach a larger audience for your products in the domestic Japanese market. Traditionally, you would need a hand full of vendors for a single project:

  • Translation vendor
  • Copywriting vendor
  • Localization vendor
  • Web design vendor
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) vendor, etc.

I’m sure you understand that means a tremendous amount of project management and coordination on your part, not to mention the extra cost of having to identify reliable vendors but also having to deal with all those vendors.

(And, oh, don’t forget about the stress of dealing with so many disparate entities.)

Now, with Integrated Japanese Translation Marketing Solutions, you get to deal with a single vendor, a professional Japanese translation company. That means, all your project requirements to get your website in front of your Japanese target audience and selling are taken care of under one roof, in-house! Here are the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher quality
  • Faster turnaround

An additional benefit that can’t be understated is that of future discounts. That is, since the Japanese translation company is familiar with your materials and requirements, you can expect a (substantial) discounts on future projects that you may have – More money in you pocket to promote your business!


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