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Gear up for Winter like the Titans of Old

If you are gearing up for your winter adventures or taking time to do a little work about the house, you’ll need the sturdy boots, warm clothing and proper outerwear you get from a retailer like L.L. Bean.  The company was founded to provide clothing to men who loved to hunt, fish and spend time in the great outdoors.  From a simple one-room store in Maine, they have grown into a global enterprise, and still sell the one item that brought them success and popularity called the Maine Hunting Shoe- better known as duck boots.

The company started in 1912, a few years before industrialist Otto Kahn completed his Oheka Castle on the Gold Coast of Long Island in New York.  The fabulous mansion, which encompasses over 400 acres, was the second largest private residence in the United States at its completion.  Only George Vanderbilt’s 255 room Biltmore House beat it in area and size.  The stars of stage and screen like Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin were guests, as were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and other notable celebrities, politicians, and wealthy industrialists.  Stories of the lavish parties that were once the talk of New York are still told today, and it’s said that Oheka Castle was the prototype for the excesses portrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, The Great Gatsby.  Kahn is also said to be the inspiration for Mr. Monopoly, and if you look at the portrait of him that hangs in his castle, which is now on the National Register of Historic Hotels, you’ll see a canny resemblance.

Bean’s success was fueled in part by the popularity of his duck boots, but the brand continued to grow as more items were added to the line.  You don’t have to be rich to appreciate the quality that goes into the products they make.  And you won’t spend a lot to obtain your goods from L.L. Bean if you use a money saving Groupon.  You can save as much as 50% off select merchandise, and use codes for all the shopping you need to do for the holidays this year.   Today, L.L. Bean stocks merchandise for men, women and children, and they have an extensive line of goods for the four-legged companion in your life.  So if you need boots, shoes or apparel that is as good now as one hundred years ago, grab a money saving code from Groupon, and apply it to purchases from L.L. Bean.

Caribbean on a liveaboard

The Caribbean is in place of over 700 charming islands, most of these islands are inhabited and well developed as they are welcoming so many tourists. Caribbean islands are a paradise for Scuba diver as they represent the whole world underwater. Liveboard diving in the Caribbean should be the right choice of every scuba diver visiting the Caribbean region. The dive sites of each island can be limited over a given range where every diving resort is accessible to only a limited diving sites, making liveboards very necessary. Some famous destinations for every scuba diver in the Caribbean consist of the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Turks, and Caicos. There are available liveboads for each destination and can be can be gotten from online booking.

The Caribbean is a place for every diver as it holds something for each of them. Diving experience in the Caribbean is a must have life experience with the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere to the encounter of sharks in the Bahamas. While diving in the Caribbean, you should expect to have an encounter with some of its creatures like the whale shark in Honduras and Cayman Islands’ stingrays, the Caribbean reef sharks in Cuba, friendly Sea turtles and schools of tropical fish. Divers also get to witness some underwater environment like the deep wrecks, open oceans drifts a few caves and blue holes. With this various feature of the Caribbean dive sites, it should be the dream of every diver.

The Caribbean territory also has a varying water temperature from destination to destination but tropical waters can be generally expected. The Caribbean average water temperature is between 79-84oF and April to November is the time to witness the warmest temperatures. The water visibility can vary from island to island just like the water temperature. Visibility of about 100 feet (30m) can be gotten at some remote dive sites even though you will mostly get a visibility of between 50- 65 feet (15-20m). During hurricane and rainy seasons, the surface conditions are likely to be worst. An ideal time for visiting is from November during the dry season till June.

           When to go diving in the Caribbean

Diving in most islands is usually done throughout the year, however there is something to keep in mind. The most favorable time to go diving in the Caribbean is between late November and May. Hurricanes are likely to occur throughout the Caribbean Sea between June and October starting.

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Courtesy of Divebooker “Top spots to visit on a liveaboard in the Caribbean

Online travel tickets make traveling Easy and Convenient for You

Entertainment is becoming more and more essential among people with the increase in factors that results in stress.  There are various modes of entertainment available and one such is travelling. Travel is the best way to spend time with family and friends. But then, we need to consider the destinations and the mode of travel in advance. Great care must be taken to select the travel locations and once the location is selected, then we need to go to the mode of travel.  There are various types of travel facilities available today, so it is necessary to consider the appropriate ones that are available for the desired location.  If you are planning to visit places with rich cultural heritage and the modern technologies, then the ideal place would be the Malaysia!  As Malaysia is well known for its touristic importance, visiting such a place requires certain pre-arrangements. One such would be booking travel tickets. And of course, there are various online sites that provide these facilities to us. With the help of these websites, booking tickets with a bus from malacca to kl is easy!

Merits of booking bus tickets online

There are a lot of merits that you can possibly enjoy when you book your bus tickets by way of using the online digital portals. And yes, since there are a lot of online bus ticket booking services these days and you have to be careful enough to choose a good site so as to enjoy the benefits of online booking to the fullest. When you want to take a bus from malacca to kl, you can book your tickets for the same online well in advance. When you do so, you actually tend to avoid all the last minute tensions in connection to the mode of transport. Besides, the whole process that is involved in the online booking of bus tickets take less than five minutes if you have a strong internet connection at your place. You also save so much of physical energy on your part because all you need to book your bus tickets online is nothing but an electronic gadget. With an electronic gadget like a laptop or a mobile phone in your hand, you can get it done from any remote nook or corner of the planet of earth. Another main advantage in here is that, along with the kind of bus that you want to travel, you can also choose the seats that you want to take up when you board the bus.

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