Life Of A Person With A Latest Car

In the modern life the people are very interested in the luxurious life in the world. In that the people are very interested in the hi-fy lifestyle with great style. For that purpose only people are trying to get the new car in the present world. If everyone having a car means there will be more expense ion the world. A car is asserted which is having a huge possibility of getting servicing the car with an expert at car battery replacement. For a car the service charge are very high compared to a two wheeler vehicle since it is very big and compressed with so many spare parts in it. Now the people have changed almost they are willing to have a car as the one of the basic asset with them. It may be a brand new car or a used car but in common all the people are interested in having a car. Due to this, many service workshops is available in the market and the same are not so good in quality aspect of the service made in the workshop. There are many car servicing are available for famous car workshop in Singapore is the best service. The people in the world are having many types of car in which each car is of different types and spares. So for having a car, he spends mostly on the thing to be paid for maintenance of it


How much does car maintenance will pay


Generally the person paid for a car maintenance are very high as the running cost is so much and the people working for it also very much. For a newly brought car the maintenance is compulsory for the car. It has to give to service for thousand kilometers or within three months is must. In such kind of famous car servicing in Singapore, we will normally face many problems in the car after a long time usage. In a car there is big problem such as the car needs to be taken or used very frequently so that the batteries will be in charged and the car will be in good condition. Now a days all the people are having a big or a small house for sure and we all have one for that almost 30% people are having own house and the last 70% of the people are having rental house for sure. In that house the people with car are very much and they will be having a huge dreams with the car and the rest of life.

The 39th edition of the Barcelona Marathon

This Sunday welcomes the 39th edition of the Barcelona Marathon which is one of the most prestigious races conducted in all of the big cities of Spain. Every year, runners come from all over the world to enjoy not only the adrenaline-soaked competitive vibe of the run but also the interesting touristic sights within the city.

Get set, ready, go! The 39th edition of the Marathon is closeby. Only days to go till hundreds and hundreds of runners storm this grand city’s streets and turn this urban destination into a runner’s dream route. This sporting event, which has been taking place since 1989 in Barcelona is one of Catalonia’s favourite and oldest event ever to take place in Spain.

In fact, Barcelona Marathon was established after Spain’s first popular marathon took place in the village of Palafrugell in 1978. Since 1979, Barcelona has taken the stage as leader of the grand race and has continued to grow in participants and curious visitors who come to see what all the full is about and cheer on those taking part.

This year the race is taking place on Sunday at 8:30am on the street: Avenida Reina María Cristina in Barcelona. Here you’ll be engulfed in the vibrant atmosphere with 6 crates of different colours, one for every race in which to participate. On Zurich Marató’s website you’ll find all the necessary information and materials so you can take part in a competition that is so popular that the expected turnout is 20,000 runners from all over the world.


The route covers a distance of more than 42km with a maximum completion time of 6 hours, according to what the Zurich Maratón organisers have stipulated.

However the ceremony actually starts on Friday. On this day you can visit the Sports Fair, Expo Sport and the Barcelona Fair which will host various conferences related to the world of running. On Saturday, to kick start the racing events, any participants who want to can join in the “breakfast run” if their finish line is the Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc. There are also different races for children of all age groups: always monitored by staff members.

The whole marathon covers a distance of more than 42 kms with a maximum time of 6 hours to complete it. Those who don’t finish will be disqualified. Provisions will be offered at 5km from the start line and at every 2.5 kms after that. Refreshments will be provided at each of these stops (right up until the finish line) and 9 of these will also provide dried fruit and sports gel sachets.

In terms of accommodation, the organisation offers many options within the city but there is limited space. This is why it is better to stay at 3 or 4 star hotels which are closeby the race that cater for urban travellers and sport lovers like the hotel chains: Catalonia Hotels and Petit Palace.

 Petit Palace Museum Barcelona, Petit Palace Boquería Garden and Petit Palace Barcelona stand a cut above the rest for accommodation at the time of this race. This is because they have many options available: you can choose either individual or group rooms and you can enjoy services such as healthy dishes at mealtimes, gym and Wi-Fi connection so you can always be connected in order to receive information or complete tasks and where there isn’t much noise from outside. The latter is essential to help you rest in anticipation for upcoming events in the Barcelona Marathon. We would like to wish all participants good luck for the race!

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