A summer full of surprises

Grab hold of the upcoming summer tightly. A summer with lots of energy and surprises is on its way. Over the last few years, Sol Hotels has been one of the Melià chains that has seen different, fresh and stylish tourism, without having to leave the seafront; in order to provide months of sun, smiles, music and luxury spaces. The outcome? The hotels are completely renovated and boast impressive design and location with prices for almost all budgets.

Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, Bali, Jandia Beach, Croatia, Cuba, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Benidorm, Bulgaria and Morocco… In all these destinations you will discover many summer features offered by Sol Hotels. Some include family holidays, others are places to enjoy adventure with friends, others purely for partying, relaxing and music…

The specialisation of these hotels has lead them to diversify a lot and create, for every hotel, a unique concept with small details that change every year. The clear objective is to surprise and create loyalty, making sure guests come back because of the care they have received and the promise to never falter in quality and guarantee something different in all the holidays they offer.


Original accommodation, with cutting edge facilities adapted to the most specific needs of guests.

The image of these renovated hotels is one of the clearest values implemented. Sol Hotels, in fact, is the current example within the tourism industry with mature and traditional family hotels restructured in iconic places where everyone in the world wants to visit and be a part of.

Soft lines, warm colours and modern & original stamps. Spaces to inspire with cutting edge facilities adapted to guests’ most specific requirements. A group of professionals are there to make sure that all those who visit these hotels (whether or not they book a stay) leave with the best memories. All this is combined in such a way that all the critics on the internet have many positive things to say: “friendly and incredible”, “a very recommendable adults only hotel”, “from Majorca to heaven”, “stunning views of Ibiza”, “disconnect, relax and recharge your batteries”, the “perfect hotel”.

The truth is that the design of this line of hotels, that, before, was exclusively designed for families, fulfills the dreams of any visitor. All you have to do is dream and search on the website what kind of holiday is nearest to what you imagine.

Pure adventure

The best example of adventure hotels is the new Sol Katmandu Park, a hotel that is also a theme park designed especially for the little ones and parents that can enjoy multiple services to help treat themselves to a relaxing stay on the seafront. It is one of the most famous hotels in Majorca, recently renovated with every year bringing new proposals of leisure, shows and entertainment in general. It is located only a few metres away from the large Magaluf beach, in a tranquil zone, far from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife.

Style and passion

And complete freedom. This is the definition given at Sol Beach House, designed for travellers seeking style, comfort and being surrounded by the latest in holiday trends. As for destinations, you can choose between trendy places like Bali, Minorca, Ibiza, Majorca and Vietnam. Exclusive, sophisticated but, at the same time, relaxed and natural. These hotels are perfect for surprising your partner or treating yourself to an escape with friends that you will never forget.

Feel the vibrations…

— with the best sounds and parties of the summer. Sol House are hotels within the Sol Hotels chain for young, rebellious and creative adults. Here, music is played throughout the entire holiday, with the best of worldwide recognised music, with international DJ guests and themed celebrations in the pool. The originality and vitality found in all these hotels is a promise of non-stop fun. Not appropriate for those with heart problems or young people with old souls: you need to be in shape to be able to do everything and not hold back. For, if you try it, you will for sure end up doing it again.

Sol Hotels owns its own website from which it has established an identity in its mark and shows every single one of the details that makes it different from other establishments around the world: Sol House, Sol Beach House, Sol Katmandu Park and Sol Hotels. Bookings can be made on the official website of Melià Hotels & Resorts, home of Sol Hotels, and this will allow you to take advantage of better, more reasonable prices, even with more exclusive hotels. Whether or not you like or dislike the hotel, what we can guarantee is that the quality to price ratio can not be beaten by any third parties.

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Generally the person paid for a car maintenance are very high as the running cost is so much and the people working for it also very much. For a newly brought car the maintenance is compulsory for the car. It has to give to service for thousand kilometers or within three months is must. In such kind of famous car servicing in Singapore, we will normally face many problems in the car after a long time usage. In a car there is big problem such as the car needs to be taken or used very frequently so that the batteries will be in charged and the car will be in good condition. Now a days all the people are having a big or a small house for sure and we all have one for that almost 30% people are having own house and the last 70% of the people are having rental house for sure. In that house the people with car are very much and they will be having a huge dreams with the car and the rest of life.

Bude in Cornwall on the South West Coast Path

Bude with its sandy beaches is a popular seaside resort for family holidays, surfers and walkers who have a choice of walks along the South West Coast Path. When booking to stay in this area, I recommend bed & breakfastat the Racehorse Inn.

The small resort of Bude in North Cornwall spreads around two sandy beaches, Summerleaze and Crooklets, both popular surfing areas. They stretch back from a small harbour, the Haven, beside the small River Neet.

South West Coast Path at Bude

North and south of the surfing beaches, which are fringed by rocks, the South West Coast Path runs along grassy cliff tops.

Altogether the path stretches for 630 miles from Minehead in Somerset to Poole Harbour in Dorset, offering walkers spectacular coastal views all the way.

Sir Goldsworthy Gurney Lived at Bude

Bude was the home of a leading Victorian inventor, Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, who lived in the Castle. It is now a museum.

Sir Goldsworthy Gurney is very much Cornwall’s ‘forgotten inventor’. A section of the museum is devoted to his life and work, including models of some of his ground-breaking inventions which included a steam carriage and limelight.

Bude Canal and Sea Lock

At the beginning of the 19th century, before the harbour silted up, Bude’s busy little port imported and exported all kinds of cargoes – brick, coal, limestone, timber, wool and wheat.

At that time too a canal was built heading inland, mainly to transport the beach’s lime-rich sand to fertilise poor soil.

Bude Canal was 35 Miles Long

Originally the canal stretched for 35 miles but when the railways were built, canal trade became uneconomic and it closed in 1891. In recent years, two miles of it have been restored; including a sea lock which is one of only two such locks in Europe. It enabled boats to ‘lock in’ to a proper quayside rather than load and unload their cargoes on the beach.

A long breakwater was built along the Haven to protect the canal from the incoming tide. It stretches out to Chapel Rock where in medieval times a light on a chapel and hermit cell guided ships into the Haven. Overlooking the Sea Lock, the impressive white Falcon Hotel, the town’s most prestigious place to stay, was built in 1825 as a coaching house.

Walking on the South West Coast Path across Effort Down

Walking southwards along the South West Path walkers soon pass a curious eight-sided octagonal tower standing on the cliff top. Nicknamed the ‘pepper pot’, it was built in Victorian times as a coastguard’s hut and modelled on the Temple of the Winds in Athens.

Beyond it, three headlands jutting out into the sea are landmarks in the misty distance while the grey-blue Atlantic waves pound the rocky shore below the sandstone cliffs. During the 14th century this was a particularly hazardous stretch of coast for ships because of pirates and wreckers.

Battle of Stamford Hill

Continuing south, the path crosses Efford Down. Here in 1643, during the Civil War, Cornishmen in the Royalist Army camped on the eve of the battle of Stamford Hill before winning a famous victory.

This was fought nearby at Stratton and defeated the Parliamentarians despite being outnumbered by two to one.

Bude Canal

The Bude Canal initially runs parallel to the River Neet with Bude Marshes nature reserve between them. Here a variety of wild flowers flourishes and many species of birds come to nest. In spring, early migratory birds like warblers and sand martins arrive, followed by reed buntings and willow warblers which nest in the reeds.

Beside the Bude Canal towpath at Rodd’s Bridge one of the old stone mile-posts, dating from around 1820, can still be seen. These once marked the whole length of the canal, erected to enable toll charge to be calculated.

Bude and its Beaches for Everyone

So with its beaches, surfing and walking, Bude certainly has plenty to offer holidaymakers of all ages and interests.

The coolest Madrid

Madrid is a city that perfectly combines history, tradition and modernity. A capital that, moreover, is susceptible to fashions and in which trends come and go from week to week. If you are the last one to have or do something in Madrid then it is already out of fashion because at the other end of the city they are already inventing something new. Yes, frantic and unstoppable, Madrid today is a city full of ideas and inspiration where the best artists, actors, designers and everyone who is top of their field meet. In this mixing pot of culture, seasoned by past generations, a city that reinvents itself every second and in which being cool is difficult unless you keep an eye on everything that is happening in the city.

For all this, we ask for forgiveness beforehand because this article will stop being cool from the moment we publish it. But what are we going to do – this is life, this is the way trends in Madrid work. The only thing we can guarantee you is that at the time of this being written, it was the coolest thing to read.

We have to speak about the SOMOS restaurant: a place where the cuisine is excellent. Where you are going to eat well … however much you end up spending (50 euros minimum cover). But here you will rub shoulders with the most famous of Madrid’s society, VIPs, top executives but above all, you will be able to enjoy the views of Plaza de España.

And since we are on the topic of the views, seeing it is already spring, we can not fail to mention the terraces overlooking the Gran Via, home to some of the most historic buildings along the famous street in Madrid . Most are hotel terraces from which you can enjoy the skyline of the city and have a drink or even dinner. Like the IBEROSTAR Las Letras or the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

The themed hotels are another topic: with rooms inspired by the most famous movies in the history of the big screen. Others are keen to become centres of the most up to date technology from which to rest and plan the the day’s activities. The Petit Palace Santa Barbara offers an iPad to its guests and computers with Wi-Fi in the rooms. Others aim to become a trendy bar, like Vincci The Mint, which is gradually getting more and more fans.

And, let’s not deny it, many hotels in Madrid have discovered the world of interior design and completely remodeled and created spaces that will leave you with an open mouth and the feeling of being in an authentic modern art museum . Like the Petit Palace Art Gallery, which adds to its functional rooms some common spaces filled with works of contemporary art unlike any generic instagram.

The Chamberí neighborhood is now cooler than ever. There, the small boutique shops with unique products are changing the traditional appearance of the neighborhood without losing the charm of the original taverns. One of the coolest shops of the moment in the area is a small store of bulk ecological products. Yes, vegan, bio and eco are the biggest fads in Madrid today.

In Malasaña many of the old bars have been changed into tea stores and cafes, cupcakes bakeries and vegan restaurants. There are still the usual croquettes, if you look for them you will find them, but it is difficult with all the brunch bars offering brunch every day (although it is originally a Sunday breakfast-lunch tradition). Luckily, the bookstores have also become cool and it is great to see how in Madrid they are always full of people browsing and buying books, new or second hand.

Luckily of course, the vermouth is still cool in la Latina, although the vintage stores that have been appearing everywhere in Malasaña are taking clientele away (many with authentic jewels, they really deserve a visit). Thankfully the delicious tapas in Madrid is still very cool, whether in the super cool Mercado de San Miguel or in the usual taverns.

In Chamberí do not miss the Taberna La Mina. In Malasaña you have to enjoy a Sunday brunch, it’s a must. On Saturday at noon, vermouth is essential in La Latina, however the area of ​​Lavapiés towards the ambassadors is definitely catching up. Visit the Café Comercial, a historic cafe in Madrid that has been completely renovated. Also if you want something that is very cool and very Madrid: a night at the Toni 2 Piano Bar. You will never forget it!

Online travel tickets make traveling Easy and Convenient for You

Entertainment is becoming more and more essential among people with the increase in factors that results in stress.  There are various modes of entertainment available and one such is travelling. Travel is the best way to spend time with family and friends. But then, we need to consider the destinations and the mode of travel in advance. Great care must be taken to select the travel locations and once the location is selected, then we need to go to the mode of travel.  There are various types of travel facilities available today, so it is necessary to consider the appropriate ones that are available for the desired location.  If you are planning to visit places with rich cultural heritage and the modern technologies, then the ideal place would be the Malaysia!  As Malaysia is well known for its touristic importance, visiting such a place requires certain pre-arrangements. One such would be booking travel tickets. And of course, there are various online sites that provide these facilities to us. With the help of these websites, booking tickets with a bus from malacca to kl is easy!

Merits of booking bus tickets online

There are a lot of merits that you can possibly enjoy when you book your bus tickets by way of using the online digital portals. And yes, since there are a lot of online bus ticket booking services these days and you have to be careful enough to choose a good site so as to enjoy the benefits of online booking to the fullest. When you want to take a bus from malacca to kl, you can book your tickets for the same online well in advance. When you do so, you actually tend to avoid all the last minute tensions in connection to the mode of transport. Besides, the whole process that is involved in the online booking of bus tickets take less than five minutes if you have a strong internet connection at your place. You also save so much of physical energy on your part because all you need to book your bus tickets online is nothing but an electronic gadget. With an electronic gadget like a laptop or a mobile phone in your hand, you can get it done from any remote nook or corner of the planet of earth. Another main advantage in here is that, along with the kind of bus that you want to travel, you can also choose the seats that you want to take up when you board the bus.

Destress with Fresh Food Delivery

Ask any busy person what would take the stress out of their day and many would say finding a better way to handle meal preparation. When you think about it, shopping for food can be very time consuming. There’s planning, list making, freezing, defrosting, stocking, use-by-expiration date deadlines, running back to the store to get a forgotten ingredient, or going in for one thing and coming out with 15 others.   The list could go on.   Add to that pushing a cart round and round like you’re in a cattle drive and you can understand why Americans have been so easily drawn to fast food. Sometimes it’s just easier to go through the drive-thru and forget about the calories.

Wouldn’t it be great to skip all the fuss and find an easy way to go about feeding yourself and your family? Well, you can when you take advantage of Hello Freshsubscription food service. To make things even better, you can obtain these services using a money saving Groupon that will shave 50% off your first Hello Fresh box, and you can save on one, two or multiple weeks of cook at home meals for up to four people that are so convenient and affordable, you might not ever have to go shopping again. And the quality of the products they ship to you can’t be beat.You can tailor your meals to your specific dietary needs and preferences without having to explain to friends and well-meaning family members why you no longer eat gluten and don’t want Grandma’s sugar laden streusel for dessert.

Hello Fresh sources their ingredients sustainably, and rush them to you boxed and ready to prepare. The thought of having your dinner arrive in a box filled with ingredients that you didn’t pick out might seem strange at first, but faithful users of the service can vouch for the ease of use and convenience they enjoy. And when you think of the time you’ll save by having the meal brought to your door, rather than sitting in traffic, making repeat trips to pick up things you’ve forgotten – the choice makes even more sense.

So get fresh with Hello Fresh and give your stressed out life a rest. Eating should be the joyful conclusion of a culinary excursion in the kitchen, not the dreaded chore at the end of a busy day. With subscription service from Hello Fresh, you can get back to enjoying food the way you used to.

Best Places to Visit in Cardiff this Year

is Europe’s youngest capital city, and has a wealth of attractions to tempt any visitor, whether you like sport, art, culture, music or exploring the history of the area, there is sure to be something for you.

By the Bay
Home to the Welsh Assembly, the Cardiff Bay area has attractive bars and restaurants and lively nightlife. During the day you can book a boat trip, walk the boardwalk, and sample a delicious lunch.

The Doctor Who Experience
Eagle eyed fans of this science fiction TV show will know that the BBC shoots scenes all around the Cardiff area. Now you can visit the Doctor Who Experience, see the costumes and props from the show and take a tour of the sets.

The Norwegian Church Arts Centre
An important landmark for Cardiff and the Norwegian seafarers who met there during the industrial revolution this beautiful building is now a thriving arts centre with cafe.

Great for children and families this science museum is made fun through interactive activities and exhibits, safe for toddlers and with a cafe and regular events throughout the season. This is a particularly good venue for the inevitable rainy day, and a good way to get the kids interested in science.

Mermaid Quay
Nearby Mermaid Quay has something for everyone, and is a lovely place for a stroll, with plenty of places to eat, be sure to sample an ice cream from Cadwaladers cafe!

Take a boat tour

The Princess Katherine boat tour runs a service on the river between Cardiff Bay and the City Centre.

Art and Culture
Visit The National Museum to see Wales’ National collections of Art, archaeology and geology. Here you’ll also find an important collection of European Impressionist art.
Third Floor Gallery on Bute Street offers a more contemporary selection, of art in the form of Photography.

The Millennium Centre
The Millennium Centre, with it’s impressive and iconic architecture, is the place to get your culture fix. With an ever changing programme of live music, theatre, cabaret and children’s theatre there’s sure to be something to suit everyone.

Cardiff Castle
Take a house tour of this elaborate and splendid castle, built by William Burges for the 3rd Marquess of Bute. The castle apartments are ornate and gothic marvels, you can also take a tour of wartime shelters beneath the castle, and visit the Norman Keep. Specialist tours can be booked which take you inside the fabulous interiors of The Winter Smoking Room, The Nursery, Lord Bute’s Bedroom, the Roof Garden and the Clock Tower.

Bute Park
With views of the castle Bute Park is just the place for a lazy afternoon stroll within striking distance of the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Shop ’til you drop
The City Centre has a great variety of the usual shops, but try the covered market for a traditional marketplace, with stalls and market traders catering to local appetites for fish and local fresh fruit and vegetables.

Principality Stadium
Principality Stadium, home to the Welsh national rugby team, this world class venue has hosted Rugby World Cups, Olympics events and international football. You can book a tour of the stadium throughout the week, things can get quite busy in the area on important match days.

There are many ways to spend your time in this varied and rich city, the only question will be how to fit everything into your stay!

For more information, visit: Find it in Cardiff.

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In this busy world today everyone is in hurry and because of this reason today we can see a number of road accidents. In order to reach the destination people sometimes do not follow the traffic rules and end up in an accident. Over speeding on roads where there is a strict direction to drive in a limited speed is also one of the reasons of road accidents. People also have the habit of driving in a drunken state which is why seventy percent of the road accidents happen all over world. If people stop these practices then the number of road accidents will decrease automatically.

These days truck accidents have also increased and these are happening because of the negligence of the truck drivers and also the owners. Mainly the truck drivers are overloaded with huge which is why they cannot keep their concentration on driving. People who face such accidents from the trucks always have the right to get their claims, but because the owners of truck companies have their own legal advisors and attorneys they escape from these claims easily. Because of this reason people are always advised to get an attorney for themselves in order to get their claim amounts from the truck companies or from the insurance companies quickly. Many attorneys and law firms are present in markets which are helping people in these cases and one of them is the KRW. This law firm has many dedicated KRW San Antonio Truck Accident Attorneys who have complete knowledge of the laws and rules and because of that they always help their clients with perfect solutions.

Things That Can Be Claimed In Truck Accidents

People can always claim the medical bills that include ambulance charges along with hospital and any surgical bills if required. Damages to the vehicle are also claimable by the aggrieved party. Loss to the earnings and compensation for the emotional and physical torture happened to the person caught in a truck accident is also claimable from the negligent party. So, never hesitate and contact this awesome law firm in order to get your claims quickly.

Vacations To Be A Bliss For All Polo Lovers

We love polo and anything connected to polo grabs our attention instantly. To even think of a polo vacation makes our day. Across the globe there are many Polo vacations to look for. Simply get in one Polo event included in your next travel plan. For polo lovers like us it is the ultimate refreshment we ever wish.  If you know to play the sport it is a great idea for you to make up your mind to have Polo holidays. The idea won’t distract you from enjoying a laid back trip; rather it will make your trip a little for exciting.

Polo clubs and their events

When you are a member of a polo club they shall invite you in their events. Every club organizes polo events and these are favored by global players. Clubs with finest experience and great events are recognized across the globe.

For every business the key is to communicate. The more you attend these events and share your events, better will be the chances of others to get some encouragement of visiting one such event after getting a little knowledge about it as shared by your review.

Share and care

In the Polo business we have a blog where you can talk as much as you want about polo. From exciting events like snow polo to something as simple as the extent of polo pitch. We will be glad to put up your articles to reach out to all other readers. Any detail you want to share like the list of best players in the world, requirements to kit out a polo pony, feeding a polo pony on grass etc just think of a topic and write an article and send it to us. We would love to read and share your article on our blog.

Polo holidays shall get encouragement and popularity to give the players an awesome time and non players an interest to get going to one such event. Why keep the joy to ourselves when we can spread it over all.

The 39th edition of the Barcelona Marathon

This Sunday welcomes the 39th edition of the Barcelona Marathon which is one of the most prestigious races conducted in all of the big cities of Spain. Every year, runners come from all over the world to enjoy not only the adrenaline-soaked competitive vibe of the run but also the interesting touristic sights within the city.

Get set, ready, go! The 39th edition of the Marathon is closeby. Only days to go till hundreds and hundreds of runners storm this grand city’s streets and turn this urban destination into a runner’s dream route. This sporting event, which has been taking place since 1989 in Barcelona is one of Catalonia’s favourite and oldest event ever to take place in Spain.

In fact, Barcelona Marathon was established after Spain’s first popular marathon took place in the village of Palafrugell in 1978. Since 1979, Barcelona has taken the stage as leader of the grand race and has continued to grow in participants and curious visitors who come to see what all the full is about and cheer on those taking part.

This year the race is taking place on Sunday at 8:30am on the street: Avenida Reina María Cristina in Barcelona. Here you’ll be engulfed in the vibrant atmosphere with 6 crates of different colours, one for every race in which to participate. On Zurich Marató’s website you’ll find all the necessary information and materials so you can take part in a competition that is so popular that the expected turnout is 20,000 runners from all over the world.


The route covers a distance of more than 42km with a maximum completion time of 6 hours, according to what the Zurich Maratón organisers have stipulated.

However the ceremony actually starts on Friday. On this day you can visit the Sports Fair, Expo Sport and the Barcelona Fair which will host various conferences related to the world of running. On Saturday, to kick start the racing events, any participants who want to can join in the “breakfast run” if their finish line is the Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc. There are also different races for children of all age groups: always monitored by staff members.

The whole marathon covers a distance of more than 42 kms with a maximum time of 6 hours to complete it. Those who don’t finish will be disqualified. Provisions will be offered at 5km from the start line and at every 2.5 kms after that. Refreshments will be provided at each of these stops (right up until the finish line) and 9 of these will also provide dried fruit and sports gel sachets.

In terms of accommodation, the organisation offers many options within the city but there is limited space. This is why it is better to stay at 3 or 4 star hotels which are closeby the race that cater for urban travellers and sport lovers like the hotel chains: Catalonia Hotels and Petit Palace.

 Petit Palace Museum Barcelona, Petit Palace Boquería Garden and Petit Palace Barcelona stand a cut above the rest for accommodation at the time of this race. This is because they have many options available: you can choose either individual or group rooms and you can enjoy services such as healthy dishes at mealtimes, gym and Wi-Fi connection so you can always be connected in order to receive information or complete tasks and where there isn’t much noise from outside. The latter is essential to help you rest in anticipation for upcoming events in the Barcelona Marathon. We would like to wish all participants good luck for the race!

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