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Madrid is a city that perfectly combines history, tradition and modernity. A capital that, moreover, is susceptible to fashions and in which trends come and go from week to week. If you are the last one to have or do something in Madrid then it is already out of fashion because at the other end of the city they are already inventing something new. Yes, frantic and unstoppable, Madrid today is a city full of ideas and inspiration where the best artists, actors, designers and everyone who is top of their field meet. In this mixing pot of culture, seasoned by past generations, a city that reinvents itself every second and in which being cool is difficult unless you keep an eye on everything that is happening in the city.

For all this, we ask for forgiveness beforehand because this article will stop being cool from the moment we publish it. But what are we going to do – this is life, this is the way trends in Madrid work. The only thing we can guarantee you is that at the time of this being written, it was the coolest thing to read.

We have to speak about the SOMOS restaurant: a place where the cuisine is excellent. Where you are going to eat well … however much you end up spending (50 euros minimum cover). But here you will rub shoulders with the most famous of Madrid’s society, VIPs, top executives but above all, you will be able to enjoy the views of Plaza de España.

And since we are on the topic of the views, seeing it is already spring, we can not fail to mention the terraces overlooking the Gran Via, home to some of the most historic buildings along the famous street in Madrid . Most are hotel terraces from which you can enjoy the skyline of the city and have a drink or even dinner. Like the IBEROSTAR Las Letras or the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

The themed hotels are another topic: with rooms inspired by the most famous movies in the history of the big screen. Others are keen to become centres of the most up to date technology from which to rest and plan the the day’s activities. The Petit Palace Santa Barbara offers an iPad to its guests and computers with Wi-Fi in the rooms. Others aim to become a trendy bar, like Vincci The Mint, which is gradually getting more and more fans.

And, let’s not deny it, many hotels in Madrid have discovered the world of interior design and completely remodeled and created spaces that will leave you with an open mouth and the feeling of being in an authentic modern art museum . Like the Petit Palace Art Gallery, which adds to its functional rooms some common spaces filled with works of contemporary art unlike any generic instagram.

The Chamberí neighborhood is now cooler than ever. There, the small boutique shops with unique products are changing the traditional appearance of the neighborhood without losing the charm of the original taverns. One of the coolest shops of the moment in the area is a small store of bulk ecological products. Yes, vegan, bio and eco are the biggest fads in Madrid today.

In Malasaña many of the old bars have been changed into tea stores and cafes, cupcakes bakeries and vegan restaurants. There are still the usual croquettes, if you look for them you will find them, but it is difficult with all the brunch bars offering brunch every day (although it is originally a Sunday breakfast-lunch tradition). Luckily, the bookstores have also become cool and it is great to see how in Madrid they are always full of people browsing and buying books, new or second hand.

Luckily of course, the vermouth is still cool in la Latina, although the vintage stores that have been appearing everywhere in Malasaña are taking clientele away (many with authentic jewels, they really deserve a visit). Thankfully the delicious tapas in Madrid is still very cool, whether in the super cool Mercado de San Miguel or in the usual taverns.

In Chamberí do not miss the Taberna La Mina. In Malasaña you have to enjoy a Sunday brunch, it’s a must. On Saturday at noon, vermouth is essential in La Latina, however the area of ​​Lavapiés towards the ambassadors is definitely catching up. Visit the Café Comercial, a historic cafe in Madrid that has been completely renovated. Also if you want something that is very cool and very Madrid: a night at the Toni 2 Piano Bar. You will never forget it!

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